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" Zach remains personally invested in each and every one of his projects..."

Richard Wengle  |  Richard Wengle Architect Inc.

We have had the great pleasure to work with Zach Goldstein and GreenGold Construction Ltd. for the past eight years.  Together, our office has developed a close and cohesive working relationship with the entire GreenGold team. Their committment to building excellence is evident in all of their projects with our firm.  Zach remains personally invested each and every one of his projects, his passion for doing it "right" is second to none. I take great comfort in knowing that our clients are served in a highly professional manner with the utmost level of integrity, quality and honesty.  I would highly recommend the use of their services for upcoming projects.

"I can guarantee that in the end you'll love, love, love your new home..."

Fenwick Bonnell  |  POWELL & BONNELL

Zach Goldstein is obsessed with home construction to the point of being fanatical. That is a good thing...though it can appear to be very bad, even frightening, if you expect to find walls (or floors) left in your house, when you come to see how he’s getting along with your project and instead you find... nothing! But don’t panic! He won’t leave you with a pile of rubble. He isn’t being destructive just for the fun of it.  He’ll fix it all and make more right than it’s ever been. And beautiful too. I can guarantee that in the end you’ll love, love, love your new home. So... in a nutshell I would say this:

If you want a builder that will only tell you what you want to hear, someone who will serve up your own unrealistic expectations, this is not your guy. But, if you are looking for a company that will do it with integrity the first time and will work passionately on your behalf, you are a step closer to achieving home builder nirvana!

It has been a pleasure working with him over the years and I would not hesitate to recommend GreenGold for our projects in the future.

Gianpiero Pugliese  |  Audax

Over the course of the past number of years we have been working with Zach on some very unique projects.  In general our design work is complex and requires a builder who is able to manage this complexity with great attention to the fine details of both the architecture and interior design.  Zach has been that builder.  He is an honest and competent professional who always has the best interests of his clients at heart.  It has been a pleasure working with him over the years and I would not hesitate to recommend GreenGold Construction Ltd. for our projects in the future.

"His work ethics are of the highest standards and he is totally invested in every aspect of his projects"

Connie Braemer   |   Connie Braemer Design Ltd

“As a designer I have had the pleasure to work with Zach Goldstein for over 10 years. His work ethics are of the highest standards and he is totally invested in every aspect of his projects. He manages his sites with the utmost professionalism and his staff reflect that quality a well. Zach focuses on attention to detail and realizing the design concept and aesthetic goals created by the designer on behalf of the client. He is a team player and as a designer

I know Zach will always find the solutions to all design details. Zach constantly raises the bar on quality and continues
to exceed expectations” 

" We are thoroughly impressed with the quality and workmanship..."

Brian Gluckstein  |  Brian Gluckstein Design

"Having worked with Greengold Construction Ltd., we are thoroughly impressed with the quality of workmanship

and attention to detail. They are a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to future projects together."

"Their dedication to achieving

the finest of details."

Jeffery Douglas  |  Douglas Design Studio Inc.

“As an interior designer what I appreciate about working with Greengold is their dedication to achieving the finest of details. In building homes of distinction it’s those details that turn something good into something great.”

"He surrounds himself with the best talent both within his office, his staff on site and his trades..."

Elaine Cecconi |   Cecconi Simone

Working with Zach is a pleasure and an adventure.  He’s enthusiastic, brave and fearless, always wanting to try new ideas and push the boundaries of design through the built form. In him we’ve found a kindred spirit.  While keeping the big picture and end game in perspective, he’s meticulous about the details and getting the execution right. As Cecconi Simone’s work is contemporary, the details are everything. He foresees problems, and for those rare few he hasn’t, there’s an immediate fix. There was a situation on site where I was looking at a ceiling detail. Before I could speak Zach said, “I know. It’s wrong. We’re ripping it out.”  


His youth belies his incredible wealth of experience, his resourcefulness and wisdom in dealing with complex issues. He navigates effortlessly within the realm of client, designers, suppliers and trades. He surrounds himself with the best of talent - both within his office, his staff on site and his trades/resources - to create the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. 


Zach handles everything: from macro to micro, from landscape and architecture to the finest execution of an interior. We trust him with our clients and our work, and know our projects will be the best they can be when he’s at the helm. 

We first met Zach when we purchased our home almost 10 years ago. It took us nearly that long to decide how to tackle this project, but it didn’t phase him. He has been with us every step of the way. We knew the minute we saw his detailed budget proposal (down to the portable toilet) that he was our man. Having never attempted a project of this size and scope, we were fairly lost, but Zach and the entire GreenGold team lead us down a path to our dream home and we couldn’t be happier.  People don’t understand when we tell them that we love our builder. It’s not something you hear often, but we’re living proof. Even when we disagreed, he was always right. His team is so fastidious about details and “doing it right” it borders on annoying. 


Everyone from the office staff, to the on-site foreman and his trades made the building of our home a pleasure. We would say we would do it again, but we love our house so much, we refuse to leave. 


Mia Brown & Michael Back

" I am so thankful that we chose GreenGold Construction to build our new home. Zach and his team were on top of every detail and built a home of incredible quality. I have complete confidence in their work and judgment - so much so, that I can't wait to do this again I can't recommend GreenGold enough."

 Katherine Yaphe & Howard Grosfield


" I want to thank you and your team for the outstanding job you did for us. The renovation turned out exactly as planned - on time and on budget. Kathy and I appreciated your client friendly approach in dealing with our concerns and assisting us through the design modifications that always become necessary when renovating a home. The trades you used were top notch and delivered a very high quality product. I have also enjoyed and appreciated your follow-up post construction and your great attention to detail. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for future projects."

 Kathryn Barclay & Dan Barclay



" Though we stressed over finding the right contractor (interviewing four of them), we knew within 10 minutes of first meeting Zach that we would go with GreenGold. Zach comes across immediately as hard-working, responsible, knowledgeable and full of integrity. Zach immediately immersed himself in the project occupying himself with details of the project that would never have even crossed our mind. He would go to all ends to ensure that everything was dealt with in the best possible manner.. Zach mentioned several times throughout the project that he considers it an honour when a family trusts him with the task of renovating the most important place for that family. He backed up this proclamation throughout the project constantly making us feel as if he approached the project as if he was renovating his own home. We’ve heard from various contractors over the years (including the three others we interviewed for this project) that they would keep the project on time and on budget. Zach was the first we have ever heard of who was able to keep this promise. It was most impressive that the project was kept on time considering we added significantly to the scope of the renovation. To top it all off, Zach is a pleasure to deal with as a person. He has an excellent sense of humour, a positive outlook and a highly professional demeanor. We would not hesitate to use Zach again. In fact, we would never use anyone else. If we had a project in the future and Zach’s schedule didn’t allow him to take it on, we would wait. We cannot recommend Zach strongly enough."

Julia Mauer & Jeffrey Klam


" We would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful job you did with the renovation of our home. Your extraordinary personal attention to detail, adherence to the time table, attention to budget constraints, and skilled management of your trades all contributed to an excellent execution of our renovations. Work was done competently and neatly and respected our property and our neighbours'. Additionally, you were knowledgeable and helpful in making recommendations for the work to be done, but were also open to ideas and patient in answering our "laymen's" questions. For the entire duration of the renovation, we were always confident that you had everything under control, which was a blessing for us. Although we are very happy to be back into our house, it is somewhat bittersweet as we now have no reason to be in contact with you on such a frequent basis! We now not only consider you to be our contractor, but a friend as well. I would recommend, without hesitation, your services to anyone."

 Connie Wong & Tom Wong


" As first time homebuyers, my wife and I were very excited about the purchase of our new house but humbled by the renovations required in order to convert our house into our home. Enter Zach Goldstein and the GreenGold team who was with us every step of the way providing guidance from pre and post closing, making the entire process an enjoyable one. Zach’s “can do” approach and flexibility throughout our renovation was very commendable. All his sub-contractors that worked on our renovation were professional and meticulous and always ensured our home was clean and presentable. Zach delivered on-time and below a very restrictive budget."

 Randy and Bailee Hoffman


" We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work in connection with the construction management, and coordination, relative to our new condominium. When it was suggested that we have someone involved to manage the construction process, we had no idea how critical that role would be, or how important you would become to the process of getting us into our new home on a timely basis with a minimal amount of disruption. In fact, your role has turned out to be one of the most critical in the process, if not the most critical. You have been professional, accountable, organized, and highly responsive. Moreover, you managed the process, with your considerable expertise, as if it were your own, taking our interests into account at all times. We were also pleased to note that you always stepped in to work with whichever trades, including the developers and designers, as needed, to get the job done."

 Janette Diamond & Michael Diamond


" After some long and very problematic renovations we were undertaking with another contractor for our house in Rosedale, we ridded ourselves of this contractor and ended up living in a non-finished house for almost a year. Then we were introduced to Zach and GreenGold Construction – a contractor that was articulate, had a clear concept of planning and finance and somebody that having worked on very high-end projects knew the real meaning of “quality work”. Zach put or house back on track and repaired the disasters made by the previous contractor by offering us a wide range of solutions and workmanship always with an eye on quality, time and cost."

 Giulia Loewy & Victor Loewy


" When we moved into our house the kitchen reminded us of a bad reno job from the 80’s. It was small, lime green, dingy and gave us a perfect excuse to constantly order in. We decided it was time to fix the kitchen, had many contractors quote the job, but were not impressed with any of them simply because of the lack of confidence we felt in their knowledge. After our initial meeting with Zach we were immediately impressed by his obvious knowledge of the industry and passion for detail and design. We were thrilled when we received a detailed quote that would work within our budget and timeline. Throughout the process we were amazed at Zach’s hands-on approach, commitment to detail and ability to stay not only on the tight timeline he set but also on budget. When people now come to the house they say it looks like it is right out of a magazine. We didn’t know our house could look so big and beautiful."

 Joelle Klien & Jamie Klein


" Not only did GreenGold Construction advise us with respect to the layout and design, they assembled a fine group of professionals to complete each phase of the project…It was obvious that they all took pride in their workmanship and all held Mr. Goldstein in high regard. Thank you again for a job well done! Not only was the job completed professionally, below budget and on time, we now value you as a friend."

 Donna Lyons & Ira Lyons


" Zach Goldstein of GreenGold worked with us for the better part of a year on renovations to our home. Throughout this period, he brought in some of the finest trades people who worked quietly, were all pleasant and who cleaned up after their work every day. Zach's willingness to advise, assist and be there when needed never wavered. We are in
the process of planning additional work to our home and are looking forward to working with Zach and his terrific
team once again."

 Vicki Solway & Barry Solway


" I recently completed a renovation with GreenGold Construction and was totally satisfied with Zach and his team of contractors and labourers who completed the job both on time and on budget, and with a quality and craftsmanship that was second to none. I always felt as though Zach and GreenGold had my family’s best interests at heart!"

 Erin Henechowicz & Adam Henechowicz

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